SEO Expert Gold Coast is a Top SEO Company in Australia 2023

The team at SEO Expert Gold Coast had another fantastic year in 2023 – taking home the Tech Behemoths’ yearly award as an Australian company for the Digital Strategy, SEO and WordPress services.

The recipients of these awards, unlike others, are not only evaluated by a panel of judges, but also by you! For the 2023 awards, we sent out emails to our customers, asking for their vote to showcase our excellence in our chosen categories to the Tech Behemoths’ panel.

Since 2004, we’ve excelled across the fields of SEO, Digital Strategy and Content Marketing, among others. In fact, 2023 marked the third consecutive year that we’ve won awards from Tech Behemoths.

It’s because of our customers, who have trusted us with their businesses, that we have been able to use our skills to uplift their rankings, generate leads and create awareness of the amazing services and products that they provide. Their feedback is a testament to our skills.

“SEO Expert Gold Coast’s work on our SEO has more than doubled our business since engaging his services. I cannot recommend Justin’s work ethic, integrity and insight enough. His strategic thinking, as well as his ability to break down complex SEO concepts to make them intelligible, make him and SEO Expert Gold Coast an invaluable partner. Our business has grown exponentially since engaging his services, and I can highly recommend his services for anyone looking to grow their online presence.”

– Aidan Waszaj, Founder of South East Scanning

The digital landscape can be a tricky one to navigate, as it is always evolving. What might have been standard practice one year ago, might now be completely irrelevant. Having a team of experts who are up to date and ahead of the industry are an invaluable resource. We strive for excellence, and value you and your company as more than just a client. We want to see your business take off, and that your vision becomes reality.

It’s because of this, and a multitude of other factors that we are proud of the awards we have received from Tech Behemoths. The simple truth is that when you win, we all do. And we very much want you to accomplish as much as you can, in the best time frame possible.

If you’re looking for a team of SEO Experts who have your back in this ever changing digital landscape and want someone who can help you with your business goals, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Justin - Digital Marketing Manager

Justin - Digital Marketing Manager

I'm a professional Digital Marketing Manager performing SEO since 2004, designing and developing websites for Small, Medium and Large Businesses and Digital Marketing Agencies throughout Australia. Qualified in Business Management, Marketing and Information Technology. Contact us today and discover how we can help you.

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