How To Get On The First Page Of Google

How to get on the first page of Google​

How Do I Get On The First Page Of Google? The short answer is: You need Search Engine Optimisation. It’s similar question to asking how do I do my own tax? The short answer is, you don’t. You hire a professional. That’s not to say there’s nothing you can’t do to help, there is. Similarly to collecting your receipts and invoices for an accountant to prepare your tax. The most important thing you can do is write valuable website content or articles for your customers and potential customers about your business, services or products this is a great way to build a better relationship and attract more business. Because no one knows your business, customers, services or products like you do.

What is the importance of being on the first page of Google?

The websites on the first page of Google are usually the best results for the search query. For example if I search “Holden Commodore” I’ll see the best websites for Holden Commodores. Google ranks each website on how it performs in over 200 different factors. So the answer “How to get on the first page of Google” is simply have a better performing website than all your competitors. If you want to be rank 1 on Google, you need the best Search Engine Optimisation. If you simply want to be on page 1, all you’ll need is good Search Engine Optimisation.

Why aim for the first page?

More customers than all of your competitors. The 15-30% of all Google searchers that click the first result!

How to be first on the Google Search Engine

Good, better and best. Similar to a car race. If you want to come first you need the best driver. If you want to place you need a better driver. If you want to reach rank 1 you’ll need the best digital marketer, if you simply want to reach page 1 then you’ll need a better digital marketer. But keep in mind for every good marketer there are hundreds and thousands of average marketers who despite all their best efforts and hard work will simply never win or place in the race. When investing in SEO it is critical to get the right Digital Marketer for your desired goals.

How to choose the right Digital Marketer

The best sales pitch, a nice suit, flashy business cards and glossy proposals won’t make up for a lack of results. There are three paramount criteria for selecting a Digital Marketer.

  1. Proven Track Record
  2. Experience
  3. Customer References

How long does it take to get on the first page of Google?

It depends on the race but usually anywhere from 2-9 months depending on the three key factors. In order to get an idea of how long it takes to get to the first page of Google we need a little more information about your business and your competitors in the race.

  • How many people are racing in it? (How many competitors do you have?)
  • How competitive is the race? (How badly are your competitors fighting for new customers?)
  • Are your competitors in V6’s or F1’s? (How good are your competitors websites?)

An experienced Digital Marketer will be able to estimate based on past work in similar fields how long it will take to reach the first page of Google by evaluating those three key elements.

How much does it cost to get on the first page of Google?

Depending on the three key elements anywhere from $388-$1552 per month. The three key elements play a critical role in estimating how much it will cost (how many hours work) to reach the first page of Google. Firstly you need the right car (Website). Secondly you need the right driver (Digital Marketer). Third you need to run the race (Search Engine Optimisation).

If you’d like to know more about SEO Gold Coast, how much it will cost or how long it will take to get on the first page of Google get in touch with me for a free Digital Marketing Report.

Justin - Digital Marketing Manager

Justin - Digital Marketing Manager

I'm a professional Digital Marketing Manager performing SEO since 2004, designing and developing websites for Small, Medium and Large Businesses and Digital Marketing Agencies throughout Australia. Qualified in Business Management, Marketing and Information Technology. Contact us today and discover how we can help you.

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